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Galán Santandreu, S.L. arouse in 1987 from the fusion of two companies highly experienced in the carpentry of aluminium sector.
In 2001, after many years of manufacture and installation of carpentry brand Technal, the companies agreed on a concession of agreement of the brand, by means of which it became part of the Aluminier Technal Network, a selection of qualified professionals whose aim is to offer the maximum quality in their executions.

Working for years with an aim of customer satisfaction, makes customised and special executions our field of expertise, focused on houses with high demands in thermal and acoustic isolation, and watertightness.

In addition to metalworks, we distribute and install products as modular metallic spiral stairways, preframes for embedded doors, ventilated facade system, always with excellent benefits, that carry on with the quality policy of the company.

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To ensure the Quality Management System, Galan Santandreu SL relies on the stamp of Quality
ISO 9001/2015
, that certifies its procedures, since 2002.


   See the Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015

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